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connecting with teens

Success in the real world takes more than just academic knowledge. Leaders have the skills to express themselves, get along with others, take responsibility, give back to their community, and handle problems by making good decisions. Connecting with Teens is a unique Leadership Program designed to encourage teens to become proactive community members today and tomorrow. 

This program is run by Teen Leadership Advisors, Randi Seligson and Chetan Singh. Connecting with Teens brings together like-minded peers who want to learn how to make a difference in their community while gaining important life skills.

Angie’s family wanted to celebrate her 12th birthday, but without the funds it was not possible.  Connecting a Caring Community made it happen by surprising Angie with a birthday party that will always be cherished.

Teen Leadership

The Connecting with Teens Leadership Program is the kind of program that I wished I was a part of when I was in high school . It helps gives an outlet to teens who want to make a difference in their community. Some teens want to help and make a difference , however they just don’t know where to start. The students already have the want, but this program helps them with the how and where part. It also gives them a chance to work with and meet like minded teens who share many of the same values. In this world where we often see the light shined on the selfish and self absorbed, it is good to see that there are programs that support teens who are on the opposite side of the spectrum.


Chetan Singh, Leadership Advisor


Randi Seligson

With over two decades of educational expertise, Randi Seligson knows how to organize events and activities for young adults and provide them with the skills they need to be successful. Randi is currently an educator in the Los Angeles Unified School District, has earned an MA and Administrative Services Credential in Educational Leadership, and has served as a master teacher, mentor teacher, ASB / leadership advisor and school administrator. Randi currently is a board member for the Southland Council of Teacher’s of English (SCTE), serves on the council for the California Association of Directors of Activities (CADA), and is a Teacher Leader for the CSUN Writing Project. Randi believes that you must find ways to connect young adults to causes they believe in to spark the leader that they are meant to become.

Chetan Singh


Chetan Singh is currently a math, science, and leadership/ASB teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  He enjoys working with students and helping them reach their dreams through education. He holds a MA in Educational Leadership and strongly believes that an education can empower a person to help him or her make a positive contribution to the world. Chetan’s passion for helping others and experience in his leadership class has brought him to Connecting a Caring Community. Chetan is excited to take his 14 years of teaching experience to help develop a community of young minds devoted to giving back. 

Chetan is married to Daksha Singh, also an LAUSD teacher. Together, they raise two beautiful children, 5 and 1. In his spare time, Chetan enjoys playing basketball, running, and of course, Disneyland!

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