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giveback party

Do you really need more gifts this year? Make this year different. Give back in honor of your special day, host a GIVE BACK PARTY!  Each GIVE BACK PARTY is customized.  Allow us to help you... your GIVE BACK PARTY will make a difference and you will see that the more you give, the more you get!

Aviva Family and Children’s Services -

Residential Treatment

Residential Treatment Services provide a 24-hour, therapeutic residential treatment center for abused and neglected teenagers. Located in Hollywood, this group foster home for up to 36 youth provides a safe, supportive and structured environment to address the youths’ emotional, behavioral, social and educational needs.

I am blessed with everything I need, and I am aware that so many are not. This year in honor of my birthday I chose to host Connecting a Caring Community’s first GIVE BACK PARTY at Aviva House, a residential foster home, where some of my friends and I were shared food and gifts and socialized with 36 teenage girls.


Some of the girls were victims of sex trafficking and prostitution, while others had been recently incarcerated. But those physical and emotional scars temporarily faded on March 21st as the girls celebrated with us.


At the end of the evening the residents asked me why did I have this party...  I could only answer them honestly ... that for me, giving to others is the best gift I can get.  Before leaving I received hugs from many residents wanting to know when we could come back...


It felt so good to GIVE BACK in honor of my birthday! 

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