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Cupcakes and Wishes is CCC’s flagship program with all revenue going back to support birthday celebrations for hospitalized children.

The birthday boy or girl receives a box full of fun items to help celebrate their birthday while in the hospital. Cupcakes and Wishes has developed tools for those individuals or corporations who wish to partner to provide Birthday in a Box to hospitalized children.  Not only does Cupcakes and Wishes brighten up hospitalized kids’ birthdays, it also serves as an important example.  

Teens can make a difference especially when they are given the right tools, support and encouragement.  With this in mind, CCC’s Connecting with Teens program was launched.

Cupcakes and Wishes begins with 11 year old Kamden.  Through his family’s dedication to social action, Kamden has grown up aware of how each of us can make a difference.  At a young age Kamden already had a strong awareness of needs in the community.  

When visiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Kamden was concerned for the kids whose birthdays would take place while being hospitalized. Kamden immediately started thinking of ways to help make these birthdays a little brighter, because “birthdays deserve to be celebrated.”

Kamden asked his friend Nathan if they could work together on this project.  Nathan was fighting brain cancer and understood what it meant to be stuck in a hospital.   Kamden told Nathan about his vision and they

started a partnership.  Together with other teens, they began to raise money and spread awareness by selling cupcakes.  In 2015, with only a few cupcake sales, the Cupcakes and Wishes program raised $1,500 for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and a movement was born.

When presenting a check to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, one of the children asked  “How do we know that the money will be used to celebrate birthdays?”  With that question,  Birthday in a Box  was born.  Birthday in a Box  is a box filled with decorations and fun activities so that a child can celebrate his or her special day while in the hospital.  In September 2016 over $6,000 was raised with a single campaign at a local middle school. With the success of that fundraiser 100’s of boxes will be delivered because... birthdays deserve to be celebrated. 

Kamden, Nathan and a network of volunteers will deliver the Birthday in a Box to local pediatric hospitals and bring smiles to children on their special day.  Birthday in a Box can also be shipped to hospitals outside the Los Angeles area.

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