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connecting with moms

Moms make a difference while connecting to like minded adults, tapping into their purpose, compassion and their inherent skills. By participating in Connecting with Moms, individuals gain a greater sense of gratitude, confidence, and purpose in the world.


Connecting with Moms is a program designed specially to engage moms. The skills acquired by being a mom are translatable into traits that make social action accessible and natural. By combining these life skills with enthusiasm and the desire to make a difference, these individuals gain a philanthropic purpose.


Members of the group meet monthly to hear speakers, engage in exercises for personal growth, and take part in creating hands-on projects for the benefit of those in need. Moms also have a chance to go out into the community and participate directly with the organizations we support.

At our introductory meeting, Moms explored the idea of LIVING as if we were dying. Happiness starts TODAY and we discussed how positive behavior is contagious. We created Spiritual Bucket Boxes, enjoyed lunch and bonded with new friends. These woman want more and they want to make a difference for themselves and their community.

Ken Craft, President and CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission educated us on the homeless population.  It’s hard to believe that 41% of the homeless population are moms and children.


Whitney Schwartz from Whitney Howard Designs worked with moms to create Blessing Necklaces.


These necklaces were made to present to homeless moms during our visit to The Genesis House.

Kristin Mahl, Foster

Children's Resource Center

spoke about the thousands of kids serviced right here in the San Fernando Valley through Foster Children’s Resource Center.  


This organization encourages self-worth by providing these kids a “shopping spree” alongside their social worker or foster family. Our moms stuffed bears for Foster Children’s Resource Center.


Connecting a Caring Community looks forward to bringing comfort and assistance to as many foster kids as we can.

Martha,  a victim of domestic violence, joined us from the Grossman Burn Foundation.  Martha was burned and left to die right here in the Conejo Valley.  


As Martha's husband sits in jail, she continues her daily struggle to matriculate back into society and tries to make ends meet to support her young family.

Our moms were inspired by Martha’s strength, recognizing that she is so much more than a survivor of domestic violence.


Martha is not just a statistic, she is a

dedicated mom and a woman with tremendous strength.  We were joined by Leora Raikin who taught us about stitching and prayer through African Folklore Embroidery.  Each mom chose a fabric with a design and threads to stitch on her own.  When finished, all of the patches were made into a beautiful blanket to wrap Martha with support and love, from mom to mom.

  • Ken Craft, President and CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission

  • Kristin Mahl, Foster Children's Resource Center

  • Bronwyn Spencer, The Grossman Burn Foundation

  • Whitney Schwartz, Whitney Howard Designs

  • Leora Raikin, African Folklore Embroidery

Connecting with Moms brought dinner to The Genesis House. We spent time bonding with the moms in the homeless shelter and we enjoyed eating dinner together. We laughed and we cried. At the end of the night we presented each mom with a letter that we wrote and a spiritual necklace we made...there was not a dry eye in the room. Thank you to all the moms for bringing food and love to those in need!

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