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Lisa Kodimer

Lisa Kodimer is the co-founder of the non-profit organization, Connecting a Caring Community. CCC grew out of Lisa’s long history of changing people’s lives. After 17 years of owning her successful boutique, Kodi & Co., in the San Fernando Valley, Lisa closed shop and found her real purpose…GIVING BACK! She has taken what she learned as a businesswoman--trust, loyalty, determination and the ability to connect with others--into the world of philanthropy. Lisa also founded Good Deeds in Motion, with the inspiration coming from years spent volunteering in the community, and developing Westhills Champions, a special needs baseball program that first started as her son’s bar mitzvah project. Westhills Champions Baseball engages over 50 special needs children, inspiring over 150 volunteers and others within the community.


Lisa’s mentoring, infectious energy and passion for giving has changed the lives of many. A native of Woodland Hills, Lisa is married to Kory  “the boy next door,” who she has known since the age of two years old. Together, they have two beautiful teenage boys, Kole and Kamden, who keep them very busy and who are continuing her legacy of giving back.

Richelle and Brandt Blanken

Richelle and Brandt Blanken are the co-founders of Connecting a Caring Community. They have three children, one of whom has special needs. As parents of a special needs child they know first-hand the challenges faced by family members and parents of special needs children. Additionally, they recognize how important the support of their community has been to them. Richelle and Brandt truly embody a philosophy of giving back. Through CCC they strive to assist members of the community who are in need, whatever that need may be. 


Brandt is the co-owner of Fallbrook Credit Finance and several affiliates.  Fallbrook provides equity investment for affordable housing, alternative energy and other tax based investments.  



Richelle is co-owner of Alpine Adventures, one of the industry’s largest luxury adventure travel companies specializing in ski travel, safaris and other worldwide adventures. 


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